One Love Project

Discussions, workshops, panels, seminars, and master classes:

The ‘One Love Project’ aims at bringing people together for a historical and educational experience of Caribbean music and culture, via a series of workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and master classes by industry professionals.


The ongoing project mainly takes place annually at the ‘Taste of the Caribbean’ 4-day outdoor festival at the Old-Port of Montreal always during the second weekend in July, as well as in-studio pre-recorded video discussion panels across Canada, such as our ‘Rooted’ episodes.

"The Culture" Honoring the life and legacy of Ras Daniel Heartman

Inside the ‘One Love’ tent on-site at this year’s festival, will be an honoring of the art and culture of Ras Daniel Heartman, featuring artistic displays and images, as well as an educational and historical seminar.


Culturally it is of great importance to share the Life & Legacy of Ras Daniel Heartman. He gave Lloyd George Roberts born January 18th, 1942 one of the most influential Rastafarians to come from the art movement.


Familiar to many tourists travelling to Jamaica is the face and works of Heartman. Heartman played a role in Jamaicas frst feature film in 1972 The Harder They Come, the part of Pedro, the best friend of Jimmy Cliff’s character Ivan.


For the 25th Anniversary of TOTC we are expanding and sharing experiences curated by Stages Canada 🇨🇦. Curating exhibits and partnering with Taste Of The Caribbean with “THE CULTURE” presentation and discussion within a masterclass about the reggae industry, our roots, and the culture that we represent. This will bring people together to impart wisdom & share knowledge. TOTC is enhancing domestic tourism with Stages Canada 🇨🇦 by bringing more culture to this great 4 day free festival for our communities.

UPDATE for this year:

This year’s Rooted 3.0 panel discussion [and video] will be produced, filmed and edited by our youth program, in collaboration with the Black Community Resource Centre (BCRC), and then screened on-site at festival, under the theme of ‘intergenerational transfer of culture’.


This year’s “Project One Love” is brought to you with the support of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation with funding provided by the Government of Canada.

On-site setup of the One Love Tent