About Us

A Taste of the Caribbean (TOTC) is Quebec’s premier Caribbean cultural event.
From its beginnings in 1999, TOTC’s mission has been to promote the diversity of Montreal’s Caribbean culture. The event features an array of food, beverages, music and arts representing some of the 25 nation islands in the Caribbean including Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Vincent, Grenada and many others!

TOTC allows visitors to taste their way through the islands by way of local restaurants,
international guest chefs, cooking and mixology demonstrations and spectacular musical performances
from homegrown talent to internationally known, Grammy-Award winning performers.


For over a decade TOTC was a successful event for the Caribbean community. Organizers wanted to build on that success and on the loyal fan following by bringing the event to the many “friends of the Caribbean” in Montreal. So, in 2015, they decided it was time to introduce the event to the greater public. Having scanned Montreal’s festival landscape, they remarked that although Montreal hosts several island-specific one-day events, it didn’t have one, all-encompassing celebration that highlights all aspects of Caribbean culture on a grand scale.

To fill this void TOTC came under a new vision in 2015. Since then, the festival has grown from an indoor, two-day event to an outdoor, five-day extravaganza at one of Canada’s hottest tourist destinations!
TOTC will continue to promote Caribbean culture to instill a sense of pride in those with roots in the Caribbean and a sense of curiosity and appreciation in those “friends of the Caribbean”.

Bon festival!